How To Submit Your Artwork?

How to submit your Artwork? Have a file you’d like to send us? We prefer illustrator .eps, ai, pdf, photoshop .psd 300 resolution, high quality jpegs 300, or tif 300 resolution. Ensure all artwork is vectorized and fonts are flattened for best printing quality. Fonts from different manufacturers may not have the same characteristics. To avoid inconsistencies with your artwork, please include the name of all fonts used or create outline.


Options :

1. Sign in your account or Create a new account if you don’t have your login. Then submit or upload your artwork by Create New Support Ticket to start chat with us.















We will contact customer on the order design and the design confirmation will send back to customer for approval before print under Open Ticket.


2. Email your artwork to and we will contact as soon as possible.

3. Whatapps us your artwork and we will reply you within 24 hours.


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